Why We Travel

Why exactly? Travel is in the blood of man & # 39; s. Long live, travel. I go on a private vacation or a public holiday.

Looking at Faith

You see seven wonders in the world of photography and many videos. No one can blame you for being sad for a while. You probably don't want to go to Cripple Creek with The Band for the YouTube company after a couple of thousand times but you don't want to die on their live show? Traveling: a live show! That's as much a private vacation as you can get. Standing in front of the Pyramid of Cheops and hearing that fun is not the same as long videos posted on the BBC or something.

The air of your living room can never be compared to the presence of the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China without a horizon. Man-made or designed by nature, to see something in the beginning for what travel is. Don't forget to take home the authentic local food when you eat it at the street vendor & # 39; s where the sky is the roof or a trendy restaurant where the price goes through the roof. Whether on a private vacation or in a group, you can enjoy your trip the way you choose to eat what you want.

Nostalgia as a Catalyst

The longing of the past few days is more than a feeling. It's like falling in love. You will fall in love many times as you will see a beautiful woman. Going back in time to reminisce about events and places is a sweet way to spend your time. What if you could go back to the place even if it was not in real time? Time machines may not be there to travel with you but for now, you can take the bus or something to get back to the place you love.

Even a blade of grass that went green a year ago when you first saw it but switched the color to an orange you can do things. Each place has its own place & # 39; It's heart. The backyard of the house where you grew up but no longer live, the slope where you and your friends stole smoke, all with a million dollars of memory attached to it. You are truly fortunate that you do not spend. The cost of travel is all you need for a private vacation in this class.

Travel Writings

Some of the most famous travelers in the world & # 39; leaving their experience in the books they write. Reading their accounts aroused the excitement of an unrelated traveler who began to seriously think about packing his bag and moving on. In today’s times, Harvard Professor George Santayana and commendation must have inspired thousands to embark on a journey.

Sea, land and # 39; It's rivals

The vastness of the sea, to the countless people who have lived on the land, is a compelling contrast. Walking on the promenade deck with the cool breeze knows your full anatomy with the night sky glowing in the blue sea and making it golden all over the sky. Every man, woman and child has changed to become a true blue sailor while sailing. Why not? Don't worry. Aren't sailors some of the good guys?

Take everything from it all

No one except the Beatles can have an eight day weekend but the work you do 5 days a week makes you think you have an eight day weekend. You want to take the unpaved path to today in places no one has ever been before. You do not have to suffer from travel statistics to know that traveling around the world further increases whether it is a private vacation or a vacation made by every relative and friend.

So, why are we traveling?