Scooter Mileage – How Far Is Your Scooter Travel Per Charge?

Scooters cover the mileage they can take depending on the type of scooter and the brand. You have electric scooters and gas powered scooters from many different companies. I talked about the mileage and usage of the Razor Electric Scooter.
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There are many different options for Razor electric scooters, such as color speed, size, seat options, distance you can travel and more. In the Razor electric scooter line there are 3 basic scooters and after all the differences. First you have the E100 series, the E200 and the E200S, the E300 and the E300S. All of these scooters offer benefits to the rider who may be riding them. Some are good for new, some are good for speed, and some are better for comfort. Whatever the case there may be a Razor electric scooter for anyone.
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The E100 is the simplest of all electric scooters out of the razor. It’s the least expensive, lightweight, comes in two colors, but there is no option for a chair. The E100 comes in red and pink. It can drive up to 10 mph and up to E100 mileage, great. You can travel anywhere from 5 to 10 miles on a single charge, often lasting up to 40 minutes on the ride. The mileage and speed of travel vary depending on the weight and style of the operator.
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The E200 is the second in line with the Razors electric scooter. The E200 gets a little better then the E100. First it has the option of a seat. That comes with the E200S. That way if you just want to travel the way you can sit or stand, no matter how comfortable you are. The E200 travels up to 13 mph and can travel up to 10 miles per charge. The E200 can last up to 45 minutes per charge.
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The E300 is the most electric electric scooter on the Razor line. The E300 also has a seating option available on the E300S. The E300 is the fastest and fastest. It can travel up to 10 miles and up to 15 mph and more, with some riders, per charge. You can ride this scooter for almost an hour per charge. Traveling 15 mph on a scooter is pretty quick. Even if it seems too fast, when you get the wind blowing in your face and your feet close to the ground you can back off the throttle a bit.
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The Electric Razor Scooter line is the top of the line and there are options for everyone. Whether you are young or just starting E100 or E200. If you are looking for speed and speed the E300 is for you. If you prefer the comfort option and the ability to sit then the E200S or the E300S is right for you. What may be the case with these scooters is the explosion on board.
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